March 31, 2020

True Story Coaching

True Story Coaching with Kyle Eason

Kyle Eason, Founder
True Story Coaching

An important part of my True Story Coaching process is spending time researching and understanding your unique identity – what we call your “True Story”. In other words, in order to help you create an authentic story that resonates with your mission and vision, I simply must understand who you are.

I do this by spending time talking with you and, upon your request, other individuals important in your life, in a “True Story” Interview.

This is, essentially, an in-depth informational interview that – with your permission – can be quite personal and powerful. The interview can last from 1 hour to up to eight hours over 2-4 meetings. Information revealed in the interview is held in strict confidentiality.

The “True Story” interview process enables us to perceive insights that clients often miss because they are simply too close to the noise and effort it often takes to succeed.

The results of this interview are used to find your unique and personal message signature -the message you are communicating through your words and deeds – as well as the messages and stories that, together, we sense will be most effective at achieving personal and professional goals.

I have conducted well over 300 of these structured, personal interviews over the years, and they never fail to teach me something new and redeeming. Thank you to all those friends, mentors, colleagues and clients who have shared their stories with me. You are my teachers.

Kyle Eason, Founder, Inception Integrated Marketing and True Story Coaching

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