March 15, 2020

Transform a Million Project

Transformation begins with a single decision.

I’m on a mission to transform one million people to help them live more authentically through the science of happiness and True Story Coaching by 2025.

To be clear, the goal of our work together is not some sentimental, saccharine form of happiness. It’s not a sticky sweet happy face emoji, devoid of life’s very real dangers, downfalls. dis-eases, and daggers. No, our goal is your deepest most meaningful “authenticity”.

The “transformation” we seek together is one from a state of “inauthentic” living – perhaps you borrowed it from a parent, or the culture in which you were raised, or, perhaps, you simply made it up as you went along – to a state of “authentic” living. Authentic living means you are building a lifestyle – a set of choices, and a set of consequences – that may or may not be “pleasant” or “happy” in the traditional sense of the word. It is, however, intentional. It is deeply meaningful. It is your “true story”.


By undertaking this transformation for yourself, you strengthen your family and friends and make the world a better place by the ripple effects of your actions. And, of course, your own life becomes for you a source of resonance, of validity, and of significance. It rings true.

Will you join us on this world-changing journey?

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